Panthers cut underutilized, scrutinized Armanti Edwards

The 3rd string quarterback is either a guy that has a lot to learn but shows promise (the project).. basically useless come gametime, [barring injuries to both guys ahead of him] OR a guy that the team trusts, he’s a wizard with a clipboard, dedicated as hell to his role (practice dummy QB) but just never gonna be good enough to effect the score of the game.  And sure there are some guys that fall in the middle and sure once upon a time Kurt Warner graduated from 3rd QB to Greatest Show on Turf, but while Kurt was holding pee towels as 3rd string QB (aka team bitch), was he really doing anything to help his team win on Sunday?  Is there not another player out there that would be able to help the team a little more than the team piss toweler?  Because of the irrelevance of the role, teams are left to choose that special teamer who can give you a couple plays or bring a 3rd string QB incase of emergency.  You don’t want to be without a quarterback if guys get hurt, but you also need that guy who will bust his ass and would bash in his own skull to help his team.  What i’m talking about is redefining the 3rd QB roster spot.  Why not bring in a guy that can at least contribute a few plays on field rather than stand by the 2nd string QB just trying to listen in on his headset.  I’m not talking about taking away the 3rd QB.. this guy still knows the playbook and takes reps at practice, but he’s no pee towel holding bitch.  This guy can run (4.4s 40, rushed for over 4000 yds/65 TDs and over 85 yards per game in college) can throw (over 10K yards with 71 TDs in college), this guy has experience as a return man (avg 20 yrds/return for career NFL), this guy won 3 championships at the FCS level and 2 FCS Heismans (i.e. Walter Payton Award).  His name is Armanti Edwards and the guy is a gamer.  He was essentially cut because of what he’s not: a good wideout.. something he’ll never be.  But he is a guy that can contribute what not many others can in his hybrid offensive abilities.  He can serve as backup return man, 5th wideout, he’s a sneaky runner, and he can probably do all this while still managing to hold towels on the sideline.  These are not real value positions, but when you have a guy that can manage all of these roles you’ve got a guy that should never be without a roster spot.  Anyway, that’s my Armanti for Roster Spot ’13 campaign.


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