New hornets logo features Jordan 11’s

So I just got back from the pillow fight that was the Bobcats/Jazz matchup tonight and although that game was uninteresting, I noticed something on my way out of the arena that left me smiling.  The new Charlotte Hornet’s logo features the Jordan 11’s, the “Concords” to be specific.  I guess if 3/4 of the league’s players are going to wear the brand then why not the mascots as well.

This has to be a sign of good things to come for the team, right?  Are there any teams out there making larger strides toward success than the Hornets (Bobcats)?  I mean not only do we bring in a big-contract free agent that actually earns his paycheck in his first year (Al Jefferson), a rarity, but we upgrade the team from being a bunch of orange and powder blue cats to some badass teal & purple stinging insects.  While I’m on the topic of upgrading.. is there anyone that will be downgraded this offseason more than Ben Gordon?  Dude is making something like $14M this season and I don’t know that he even has a place in the league next year.

Jordan 11s 2014 charlotte hornets logo


One thought on “New hornets logo features Jordan 11’s

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