Northwestern kids wanna get paid

So some nerds up north decided they want to band together to try and get paid to play college sports.  Basically they want they want to strike to make the NCAA amend its holy constitution to allow schools to pay student-athletes.  Maybe I’m completely wrong here, but why is it the NCAA’s fault that athletes (on scholarship, I’ll add) aren’t paid to play?  Isn’t this the NFL/NBA’s fault?  I mean aren’t they the one’s with the rules restricting kid’s from going pro?  Like this whole time all I hear is “screw the NCAA, these poor little kids”, blah, blah, blah.  Let me point out that athletes in college live the good life.  Play sports, 12 hour semesters during the season, free meals, unlimited pussy/partying, special treatment left and right, and oh yea… FREE tuition and board.  I can’t help but feel that some of the blame falls on the leagues.  I do see the other side of the argument and it really it ridiculous how much money the NCAA pulls in each year from these sports, but the blame has to be redirected at some point.  The NCAA isn’t the one banning kid’s from play pro football or basketball.  The MLB doesn’t give two shits how old you, they’ll sign a 12-year-old pre-pubescent dominican boy that dropped out in the first grade.  And sure college baseball sucks, but they allow kids to make a living.  Isn’t there some sort of FCC or FTC or whatever government administration has been put together to deal with this sort of crap that can stand up and lend a hand here.


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