New hornets jersey concepts are sick

If you are from Charlotte and you don’t feel a little excitement for next season you are just a weirdo.  I’m taking a digital advertising course that teaches some illustrator/photoshop stuff so I decided to put this together for my last assignment.  I know its basic but still about 1000 times better looking than any bobcats jersey from the past 10 years..  I think I found a new wallpaper/screen saver/twitter icon/facebook pic/etc until the actual jerseys are released.  If this is exactly what the jerseys look like I would be more than okay with it.  Its almost like my eyes are telling me that its Mugsy even though I know its Kemba.  Deja vu in the best way possible.  If you are a Charlotte fan and this doesn’t make it move for you I don’t know what to say.

2014 hornets jersey purple 2014 hornets jersey teal

2014 Hornets jersey concept copy

buzzcity pw bw    buzzcity tw bw

3 thoughts on “New hornets jersey concepts are sick

  1. Damn that’s sick bro where u find these? I want one

  2. these are the best i’ve seen.. well done man

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