My Superbowl takeaways

Seattle’s D played good, Peyton Manning played okay.  There’s your difference.  Four turnovers ultimately proved to be too much to overcome.  One was very un-Peyton-like, the other a result of terrific coverage complemented by an even better pass rush.  And oh yea, Percy Harvin came to play.  The guy only touched the ball 4 times, but his impact was surely felt.  As “bad” as people said the game was, I found it mildly entertaining.  Plus, I can’t help but think that this year’s Carolina team is last year’s Seahawks team.  Meaning, give em another year and the sky’s the limit.  Who knows what the draft will bring.  Will we bring back The Kraken? What about the Captain?  Not to mention the rest of our defensive backfield.  And what the f**k do we do about our receiving core?  Say what you will about Lafell, but (besides Hardy) no one on this year’s squad showed more improvement than #11.  Back to the Superbowl… wasn’t competitive, and that’s what everyone wants.  The execs that decided to pay a million bucks a minute for ads in the second half are weeping.  Overall a disappointing game, but wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a rematch next year.  Also, I would really like to see a rematch like next week.  Would Denver still be the favorite?

My takeaways:

  • Percy is still the fastest guy on the field, capable of scoring on any play
  • Peyton can still put up numbers
  • Seattle’s D was just as good as advertised
  • If it weren’t for Richard Sherman talking about himself, no one else would
  • Russell Wilson is a playmaker.  And if you downplay his athleticism you will pay for it
  • Wes Welker is still good for 10 grabs a game and he’s always gonna pop back up, no matter how hard he gets hit
  • The better team won, despite what vegas says.
  • Tim Tebow will forever have the world by the balls, even if he never plays another down in the league

This game was a fluke. 


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