This Wells Report should not shock anyone

It’s very hard for me to imagine a locker room situation in professional sports that doesn’t include some sort of harassment and vulgarity.  Like very, very hard.  These are pure-bread, alpha males with egos the size of Kaepernick’s nose.  It’s no secret Incognito is a dirty player and trash talker. He’s the type of guy who, if asked to describe himself in one word would no doubt choose “Badass”. He wants to break you, he wants you to lose it, that’s giving him a competitive edge.  That being said, I have no doubt he got some enjoyment out of picking on the admittedly weaker minded Martin.  But for anyone familiar with football to even try to act like Incognito is a monster and an exception to the norm in any NFL locker room is just ignorant.  My favorite player of all time, Steve Smith, twice cold clocked his own teammates.  Thats “whole ‘nother level” bullying.  In Cam’s rookie season you could see Smitty rip his chin strap off and verbally abuse the rookie on a weekly basis.  A little different, I know, but if you can’t see how this sort of stuff could happen behind the scenes you’re probably blind to a lot of things.  Literally, there was never a team I played on that didn’t have at least one kid that got picked on.  The claims by Incognito’s lawyer that the Wells report is full of lies is a lie in itself, but Martin’s side handled the situation poorly as well.  The kid just cracked, he was playing poorly and being made fun of and he just bottled it all up.  That can’t be easy but he was immature in the way he responded just as Incognito was immature in his treatment of Martin.  All this being said.. this stuff happens in every clubhouse in the country, no matter the sport.  Can we please stop pretending to be so taken back by this.. baseball is about to start and the US is making a run at a gold medal (Hockey, no other winter olympic sport really matters).  How the f**k does a story about a grown man being picked on make headlines over the thousands of storylines playing out during the Olympics.

Bottomline: Nothing that this million dollar report found should shock anyone.  They could have paid me $5 to tell them what 6 months of PI work and legal investigation came up with.  

Richie Incognito


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