Someone please take Ben Gordon off our hands

Gonna keep this short n sweet:  If the Heat or Sixers or whoever else are seriously pursuing Ben Gordon then let’s get this guy the hell out of here.  The trade deadline is less than a week away which hopefully means we only have to put up with a few more days of Ben Gordon and his shit contract.

He’s currently averaging 14 minutes per game.. which is equivalent to the number of millions of dollars he is making this season.  Thats no joke, Ben Gordon is making $13.2 mil this season and for what exactly?  When people say Carlos Boozer has the worst contract in the NBA it’s because they don’t know Ben Gordon is making 13 mil.  If 13 million bucks only buys you a backup 2 guard with a bum knee who shoots under 30% from 3 then our economy is seriously fucked.  Oh, and did I mention he whines.  Yeah, somehow the dude making major corporation CEO money to play games (well to be at games) complains about his job.  I’m honestly surprised he has any trade value whatsoever.  And that’s not to say he can’t contribute to another team but his time in Charlotte has been a failure.  He’s just as ready to move on as we are.

All of this being said I feel like I’m probably jinxing it by even putting this out there but it had to be done.

Ben Gordon ripoff


One thought on “Someone please take Ben Gordon off our hands

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