Greg Hardy: Panthers Priority #1

After looking into the Greg Hardy contract situation for about two seconds I’ve come to a conclusion:  Pay the man.  If the big boy on the other end is seriously willing to restructure his contract (for the second time in as many seasons) as the word on the street would suggest then we gotta ink this kid long term.  This means our secondary is up in the air but before this season pretty much everyone was saying our secondary was filled with bottom feeders anyway.

He clearly is in love with the town and the fans and vice versa.  If we really have 3 guys willing to restructure in order to keep him in town that means 2 things: 1)these guys are willing to sacrifice to succeed and 2)they think Hardy is a big part of making that happen.  Our D-Line this year was close to spectacular.  You wanna throw it around on us, you’d better be damn sure your tackles are athletic and your backs aren’t afraid to exchange blows.  You wanna run on us, don’t plan on getting far with the stopping power up the middle and Super Luke free to roam behind them.  Not to mention TD on the outside who rarely, if ever gets beat to the edge.  Seriously, watch some footage and try to find a play where Thomas Davis lets a runner turn the corner on him.  I always hear people talk about his speed but this dude is disciplined.  So what if we don’t have recognizable names in the secondary.  As we found out this year, when your front 7 is this strong it doesn’t matter who you have in the secondary as long as they’re out there.  This past season in our secondary we played guys that were hurt, guys that were undersized, guys that were forced into the starting role with zero NFL experience, and guys that were 3rd string on the depth chart coming out of training camp.  No one looked bad.  It’s gotta be nice as a corner or safety when your coach puts you in the game and just says play left field or play center field or “go ahead and give this guy a cushion” just because we can afford to.  Makes your job a whole lot easier.

But… if we let Hardy walk, well shit, let’s just not let that happen.

Greg Hardy Kraken


3 thoughts on “Greg Hardy: Panthers Priority #1

  1. […] NFL Combine just ended.  Nothing to get too excited about here, just a lotta dudes running and jumping to audition for million dollar jobs.  If you wanna check out what I was able to take away from it all you can do that here: It will be interesting to see how things shake out for the Panthers.  I think Greg Hardy is a big piece to the puzzle and his resigning/not resigning will be probably be more impactful than the whole sum of our draft picks this offseason (more on that here: Greg Hardy: Panthers Priority #1). […]

  2. You’re dreaming. We only have like 3M in cap space plus Hardy was a late round pick so why sign him for 10M+ when we can just draft another diva 5th round DE. And you do realize we just had a more important guy retire right? Good try but he’s not worth the money and we don’t have it even if he was

    • #1) Do you have a brain? 2)I wrote this over a week before Gross retired 3) we do have the cap space 4) If you honestly think there is a 5th round DE that could step in and replace Hardy then… not even giving that the time of day

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