Bobcats Midseason Positional Analysis & My Pre-Deadline Takeaways

PG:  Kemba doesn’t appear to have developed his game much since last season.  His long range jumper is still average and although he can get to the hoop at will, he still has trouble finishing in traffic.  I’m kind of looking for areas to criticize his game because he’s the 2nd best player on the team and a big piece to the puzzle, but I can’t help but feel that he still has a lot of room for improvement.  And yes, he could cut down on turnovers.

SG:  Ben Gordon sucks.  Gerald Henderson is good.  The game comes easier to him than anyone on the floor in most cases and he’s a very consistent player, but he never really overwhelms you with his performance.  While he is a good player, if there was one area I would like to see him improve it would be just his demand for the ball in pressure situations.  I know he likes the ball to go through him and it definitely makes sense, but there are so many times where I see him open or with a mismatch where he just stands there without demanding the rock.

SF:  To start the season it appeared as if MKG was greatly improved and budding into a starting-caliber 3.  That was before he injured his hand.  Since coming back he looks like the guy we saw last year, wreckless and unrefined, yet still able to produce due to his raw ability.  He’ll get better.  Seeing Jeff Taylor go down for the season was a huge dissapointment.  He was the leader of the 2nd team offense and even though he was wild with his shot attempts he provided a spark this team desperately needs if they’re going to make the playoffs.  CDR has actually been alright, but you get the feeling the team is missing something when MKG isn’t on the floor.

PF: Josh McRoberts has been a staple in the team’s offense and defense with a lot of the offensive plays running through him at the top of the key.  He’s never going to wow you with his numbers but he’s a disciplined player that will hold others accountable and demands your respect with his absolute lack of mistakes in-game.  Anthony Tolliver has made himself valuable by becoming the team’s only real threat from 3.  However, if he couldn’t shoot the 3 he wouldn’t even be in the league, which speaks to his physical talents.

C: Zeller is a couple years away from being a full-time contributor and Biz is still an athletic defender but doesn’t fit into anyone’s scheme on offense.  Big Al has been the Bobcats messiah this season, scoring/rebounding at a 20/10 clip and turning in some absolutely dominant performances.  This was an offseason gamble that paid off tremendously.


My takeaways:

  • The Bobcats may be the least dominant playoff-bound team in the history of the league.  We have exactly 2 runaway victories this season, most recently against the old-age Mavs and earlier against the league-worst Bucks.  Our longest win-streak is at 3 games (accomplished only once.. vs. Kings, Raptors, Pistons) and we will finish with a losing record.
  • While we don’t often win big, we have a knack for getting slapped around badly in losses, having lost 1 out of every 6 of our games by 20 or more points.  Not exactly a quality that you look for in teams making a run at a title.
  • Our offense is not quite as bad as the numbers imply.  Although we are among the worst in PPG and FG% we are ranked in the top half in FGA, which means we’re getting shots off and retaining possession.  Eventually a few shots have to fall.. right?
  • This team still sucks, but as bad as they are they still won’t be as bad as the fans.  I’m not actually hating on any fans b/c I’m glad to see anyone supporting the team but for opposing teams, playing at Time Warner is like playing with the crowd on mute.
  • At some point Clifford gets tired of Zeller being a rookie and starts handing more minutes down to Bismack.
  • By the end of the seaon MKG will return to his “beginning of this season” form, just in time to steal a playoff victory (a game, not a round)


Please Sixers, accept our offer for Evan Turner.  I would love to wake up tomorrow morning and find out he’s a member of the Bobcats.  Douche or not the guy can play ball.  Kemba, Turner, MKG, McRoberts, Big Al.. playoff roster, 6th seed all but locked up.  Make it happen Cho.

Evan Turner bobcats



2 thoughts on “Bobcats Midseason Positional Analysis & My Pre-Deadline Takeaways

  1. they’re asking a little too much for him but he is a decent player. He wouldn’t put up the same numbers in Charlotte and there’s always the question of what position does he play. He’s going to score at either position, but he’s a minus defender at forward because of a lack of strength and a minus at guard because he’s not quick/fast enough to keep up with the shorter, more athletic guys he would be matched up against.

    Not even coming close to suggesting we don’t make the deal b/c of this, but he’s not going to solve all our problems.

    • Hey.. I dont expect him to be a godsend or some sort of charlotte basketball messiah, but I don’t see the team making any moves in the offseason that will be any better than this. I guess I don’t think Charlotte has the attraction that will bring big names to the organization and I see this as an opportunity to at least add some level of talent to the roster. I agree on the lack of position thing but on the flip side of that at least he’s versatile enough to play both the 2/3 spots. He certainly leaves a little to be desired but my thinking when I wrote this was that he could help carry us to the playoffs. Someone else had mentioned they didn’t want him as a rental and I agree so I guess my desire to get Evan Turner is conditional, but if we can sign the guy at 7-8M/yr I think he’s a good value and the type of player we aren’t going to be able to pick up in free agency.

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