Does this trade really make us a better team? My post-deadline 2 cents

It’s only been 3 days since the trade deadline and the players we acquired have yet to see the court, but already we’re winning games.  Last night the Bobcats beat the Grizzlies to move into 6th place in the standings.  Feels weird to even say that.  The lowly Bobcats are in 6th place, and while it might not mean much because no team besides the Heat or Pacers really stand a chance, this is rare air for the Bobcats.  We even have a chance to overtake the Wizards for the 5-seed in our next couple games, although it may not be in our best interest.  As things stand, we would be matched up against the Raptors in the first round, a realistically winnable series for us.  So far this season we’ve played the Canuck squad 3 times.. and won each time.  This is the only team in the league we’ve had this kind of success against.

So I like the trade.  Sessions was a valuable player and a reliable scoring option, but he won’t be sorely missed.  He was our best scorer off the bench but a poor jump shooter to put it lightly.  The addition of Gary Neal replaces the bench scoring of Sessions and adds a clutch performer with 3-point shooting capability.  Neal is the sort of player that needs the ball to be productive so I don’t expect him to play big minutes until we find out how to work him the rock consistently.  Luke Ridnour is a distributor with a shot.  He’s not looking to pull up unless that’s whats available (a stark contrast to the play of Sessions), although he is a reliable shooter.  He’s pretty much on the team to eat up minutes while Kemba is sucking wind on the sideline.

In conclusion, Mr. Sessions, we thank you for your service and Mr. Adrien, you are welcome for the several million dollars you collected on our bench.  The team should be slightly improved and we now have another option besides Kemba we can look to in the clutch.  


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