Day 4 of the combine.. Here’s what i’ve learned so far

The NFL is full of large men that run fast and jump high.  The other day I heard someone describe the event as “a place where old dudes watch a bunch of sweaty, muscular college kids exercise,” which is fairly accurate.  If people weren’t so football-starved during the offseason this probably wouldn’t catch much traction, but because we’re absolutely addicted to the sport there are still plenty that tune in.

It’s not exactly captivating television and the drills that actually matter usually aren’t mentioned anywhere on ESPN, but it does allow fans to form an opinion as to where they want to go in the draft.  All you hear about is 40, bench, vert.  Little to no mention of position-specific drills.

If you were drafting strictly on physical measurables, Jadaveon Clowny would be the first overall, all-time selection.  Physical specimen.  People are raving about his 40, but his 40-time isn’t even as impressive as the 10-yard split from the sprint… I watched footage (I didn’t seek this out btw, not that obsessed with exercising) of Clowney running side by side with some of the fastest this year and year’s past and there was no one ahead of him through 10 yards.  This is so important because it shows explosion off the line, perhaps the greatest (workout) measurable in determining success for pass rushers.  There will be very few plays where he’ll actually run a straight-away 40 yd sprint, but he’ll be using that explosion and short burst speed every down.  Clowney is an absolutely incredible athlete but he’s got work to do.  I think any team with a chance at drafting him is probably being stubborn by not taking him but he’s definitely unrefined.  Dee Ford said it better than me:  “Clowney plays like a blind dog in a meat market”.

Now for some random takeaways:

  • Khalil Mack was my favorite player to watch.  He is an animal and you should look him up
  • Mike Mayock’s ego has grown even larger
  • Sammy Watkins definitely had the best workout of the WR’s and he looks a lot bigger than the 6’0” he was measured at
  • Michael Sam isn’t a great athlete, but he looked straight up unathletic during a couple of the drills.
  • If Eric Ebron slides to the late 1st round we need to draft him.  He’s a str8-up diva but so so talented
  • it looks like the 5th WR to have played with RGIII will be drafted this year
  • I dont care to watch fat slow dudes workout and being as such I really have no idea who we should target for the O-line

I could literally go on for an hour talking about what I learned or concluded by watching and listening to the combine, but since no one would read it I’ll stop it here.

Who do I think we draft, realistically:  If Eric Ebron is still on the board I think that’s an easy one, but since it’s only 50/50 that he’ll be there I guess just take some big boring O-lineman.  I really don’t want to waste a pick on a WR with all the talent in free agency.  Because the WR draft class is deep and the FA pool so strong, we should be able to get a B-level reciever in free agency at a discount.  Also, I say Ebron b/c I don’t see any WR’s that will be available to us that will impact our offense the way he could.

I’m aware that we need another wideout, but I’m under the impression that the WR class is a little more top-heavy than people think.  If we go WR in the 1st round then, to me, that means he should be a #1 level talent, and I don’t see that happening where we’re at.

Note: If we don’t sign Hardy then my answer definitely changes although I would prefer to think we won’t let that happen.  There appears to be a deep crop of DE/OLB talent, so maybe we would swing that way…

Panthers draft


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