Everything in sports that matters: An update blog

So the Olympics just wrapped up, and besides hanging on every minute of updates as to the status of Bob Costas’ pink eye and Johnny Weir’s atrocious attire, I would say that I wasn’t all that entertained.  It’s definitely nice to see countries come together on the same stage to compete, regardless of diplomatic relations, but there is still something left to be desired.  Speed skating, ice dancing, and a hundred different varieties of snow sliding are only entertaining to an extent.  Solution:  more hockey and add an amateur basketball competition (afterall, it is a winter sport).  I would say give us some football but I know the world isn’t ready.  Consider moving a couple sports to the winter that would otherwise be overshadowed during the summer olympics.  Maybe boxing?  Maybe we could invent a sport just for the games.. sounds like a good idea to me.  Anyway, glad to see people backed off the “Russia sucks” and definitely happy there weren’t any terrorist attacks.

Baseball is about to start.  Pitchers and catchers are already practicing and it’s just a matter of time before it all starts up again.  If you ever find yourself in the state of Florida or Arizona in the spring definitely make it a point to check out a game.  Cheap tickets, cheap concessions, and they are real major league games.  Good opportunity to see the big-name guys and up-and-comers alike.  Excited to get the season underway although I know I’ll burn out eventually.  My level of baseball intrigue usually goes something like this: Pumped for season to start, interested for a month.. sorta forget its all going on once NBA playoffs start and then just before All-Star break I’m back into it, watching games every night.. I’ll burn out once more before the playoff race heats up and continue to watch through the post season.

College basketball winding down, conference tourneys about to commence and then the greatest tournament in sports is under way.  Looking forward to stealing a cool billion from Mr. Buffet since I’m sure I’ll have a perfect bracket (1 to 2 losses at the most).  I haven’t watched too many games until recently but I’ll be glued to the TV like everyone else come time for March Madness.  It will be exciting to see which of these future top picks can carry their team through the postseason.  Once again it looks like the ACC is just shitting on everyone, but I’m not yet convinced that there is one team that is so much better than the others that they’re a lock to win it.  I love watching Jabari play and I gotta believe he’ll be the #1 selection.

Pro ball has been as fun to watch as it ever will be, and I mean that in a good way.  It really sucks that D-Rose is out again and that the league is still extremely top-heavy, but the games are good and the playoffs never fail to amaze me.  The avg margin of victory in the NBA playoffs is like .01 and theres a ton more overtime games than normal.  The All-star game was nothing to write home about and the dunk contest was laughable, with the most humorous part being that there was no single winner.  There was a winning team instead.. how dumb is that?  Either get Lebron in the contest or shut it down.  Since I know it won’t go away, I am looking forward to seeing Andrew Wiggins (the Kansas kid) dunk all over the place next year.  How Lebron-like was it to post a video of him doing all these awesome dunks not even a week before the contest but then not even be in the contest.  This guy doesn’t get it.  He’s an incredible, literally out of this world talent, but he does it to himself when people talk about him being hated.  Also worth noting.. I assume there is not one on Earth that hasn’t heard, but as of last night there is officially an openly gay player in the NBA (Jason Collins of the Brooklyn Nets).  Probably about time.

Golf is underway and The Masters is right around the corner.  I had the opportunity to attend last year and it’s an amazing experience.  I found the 1 weed on the course and took it home with me.  Such a different experience than going to the Quail Hollow tournament.  Everything is just perfect.  Those pimento cheese sandwiches that everyone raves about look absolutely disgusting and I gagged looking at one, but I had some of the best food of my life just outside the tournament grounds.  Was able to see the practice rounds (guys skipping the ball off the water on 16) and the par-3, which were both equally fascinating.  The only thing that would keep me from giving it a 10 out of 10 on the awesomeness scale would be the number of spectators.  It was crazy packed.  Anyway, if I get the opportunity to go back this year I’ll do it in a heartbeat.  One of the coolest things I’ve ever taken part it.

NFL Combine just ended.  Nothing to get too excited about here, just a lotta dudes running and jumping to audition for million dollar jobs.  If you wanna check out what I was able to take away from it all you can do that here: Day 4 of the combine.. Here’s what i’ve learned so far. It will be interesting to see how things shake out for the Panthers.  I think Greg Hardy is a big piece to the puzzle and his resigning/not resigning will be probably be more impactful than the whole sum of our draft picks this offseason (more on that here: Greg Hardy: Panthers Priority #1).  One more thing… if you haven’t heard about the new rule the league will be voting on you should look it up.  It involves the N word and a 15 yard penalty.  I touched on that this morning so not gonna get into detail here, just check out my blogs from earlier to day if you’re interested (not gonna post a 3rd link in one paragraph).

Hockey.  Uh.. the US lost so I’m back to not being a hockey fan, although I did attend an NHL game this season which was actually pretty sweet.  Cheap tickets, good fans, a little fighting action.. I could see why people like the sport I’ve just never gotten into it (and I still don’t know why icing is called sometimes).

Sports update blog


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