NFL has shown progression in more than one front w/ new rule

I’ve taken a couple days to really digest the 15-yard N word penalty and I like it.  My initial reaction was, well what the fuck, the league is mostly black and these dudes throw the N-word around like a west virginia offense.  It’s all over the place, and trust me, Richie Incognito is not the only white dude in town using it.  So basically, on the surface it would seem a bit of an excessive move, considering it’s all over the place and the NFL doesn’t necessarily have an issue with racism.

But, when you look at the social environment of the NFL.. most of it’s players were lower middle-class growing up and use the word to describe themselves and anyone they know.  Thats the truth.  If you want to disagree you’re welcome to do so but you would be wrong.  It’s everywhere in the league.  It’s everywhere period.  Black culture is so obsessed with the use of the N-word that you literally have black people speaking out about their right to use it… But.. at the same time, you have the educated world speaking out about the use of the word saying it’s wrong.  It was the educated world that made this decision (I shouldn’t have to say this but I know some halfwit reading this is going to infer that I meant white people when I say educated people.. I don’t, and if I just described you then you’re an idiot).  And I like it.  Find a different word.  You can’t say something to someone and then have someone else say the exact same thing and all the sudden one person, but not the other, is considered prejudiced.  That’s irrational.  I’m honestly surprised the league drew up this rule but it makes sense.  If they don’t approve the rule now it will reflect poorly on everyone involved.

When a white guy uses the N-word it makes headlines and gets weeks (months) of coverage on ESPN.. when a black person uses the N-word it’s hardly news.  It’s going to be tough to police the situation and it will definitely make news when someone is finally penalized.. Does this apply to the sideline conversations?  Will it have it’s own special signal for refs?  Maybe we could just take a 5 second timeout and have everyone in the stadium point and call the guy and idiot?  All in all, I respect the move.  It is worth pointing out that homophobic slurs and any other forms of prejudiced are still fair game, but at least it’s a start.

Also, it is a little ironic that one of the the league’s most adored franchises is facing claims of racism (only for it’s name).  


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