Another great day in sports…

We’ve got Aaron Hernandez attacking a dude in prison and Felton getting hit with Felony gun charges.  Not really surprising stories, although hearing that Jordan Gross is gonna hang em up did take me by surprise.  I have to say I wasn’t fully aware of his contract situation and I’m sure that played into it a little, but sucks to see him go.  He’ll go down as one of the best Panthers to have played the game and the guy did it all the right way.  Said the right things, kicked ass on the field, and really engaged the fans.  This should make things a little more interesting for Gettlemen and the guys in the front office.  I’m sure they knew it was coming, but that’s just one more “need” added to the list.  I’m thinking we don’t go WR 1st round unless we’re absolutely in love so basically I’m just hoping we don’t go WR 1st rnd because I don’t think any worthy candidates will make it to our pick.  My Panthers Panic Level = soft 3.  Oh yea, Famous Jameis played in an exhibition game against the Yankees today.  Also, the ESPN headlines are more retarded and absurd than ever today.

One more thing.. watching ESPN’s NFL combine crew of Bill “I picked Payton Manning” Polian and Sal Palantonio is just way more boring than I can handle.


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