Child Dies From Infected Pet Rat Bite; Family Sues Petco

(JULIE WATSON Associate Press) A San Diego family is suing Petco after the death of their 10-year-old son from a bacterial infection they say he contracted from his pet rat.

I’m as Team America as the next guy but this is pathetic for all parties involved:  the family, Petco, the writer, us readers, the lawyers.  No winners in this one, just losers.  Why in a gajillion years would you buy your kid a pet rat?  And if you’re buying rats you gotta know this is a possibility…  When I think rat my mind goes straight to a disgusting disease infested rodent.  What the eff is Petco doing selling rats to kids anyway?  I’m going to assume they were meant to be fed to snakes or something… Just retarded all around.  Plus, what kind of weirdo kid plays with rats and thinks its acceptable to have a rat pet?

If you are the lawyer representing the family whose kid was killed by a rat bite this means two things.. you’re life sucks and you probably aren’t a very good lawyer because you’re taking wrongful death cases dealing with rats biting kids.  Also, you’re a scumbag.  I think we can all admit the legal system is a little fudgy at best.

This article just screams contemporary America.  For all the things I am proud of in this country I am equally ashamed of the crap like this that is all over the news.  As much as I feel bad for the parents that lost a child, they need to share the blame.  Please somebody take a look at this picture and explain to me why any sane human would buy their child one of these as a pet.  And a note to any parents out there reading.. if you’re really fed up being a parent just buy your kid a pet rat and let nature take its course.

This picture has disease written all over it

This picture has disease written all over it


One thought on “Child Dies From Infected Pet Rat Bite; Family Sues Petco

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