Bobcats give up 60+ to a single player for 2nd time this season.. will play in WNBA next year

We dropped the soap and Lebron went to town.  Can’t believe I’m saying this again but the Bobcats just gave up 60 to a single player for the second time in as many months (Heres what I had to say last time: “Melo” drops 62 on lowly Housecats (nee Bobcats)).  I have a tough time giving the guy props but he was unbelievable tonight.

The game sort of ended at half time.  We were in it the whole first half, but there was no way we were keeping up with that kind of production from Bron-Bron.

Big Al was doing some ballin’ of his own but a chubby 6’9” center can only do so much to stop the best in the world.  38 & 19 on 18/24 shooting is a hell of a stat line and would be enough to win a game on any other night.  Poor MKG.. he had just stopped wetting the bed over nightmares of the beatdown Carmelo put on him and now this…  I hope we have a good sports psychologist on staff because we need one after tonight.

Not even sure what else to say.  This wasn’t quite the shellacking we took from the Knicks on that cold January night but it’s still an absolute pride killer.  Unfortunately, this is just the 3rd game in our 4-game stretch from hell, now we have to turn around to host the Pacers in a couple days (who sport the league’s highest pt differential).  As I’ve said before it’s gonna be an uphill climb so we don’t have time to sulk.  Gotta wake up tomorrow, make some adjustments, and forget about it.

If you are on team KD for MVP we just aren’t watching the same NBA..  The best team in the league = whatever team Lebron is playing for.  KD may carry his team, but Lebron will take your team and make them look like children.  

lebron carmelo copy


One thought on “Bobcats give up 60+ to a single player for 2nd time this season.. will play in WNBA next year

  1. Good stuff man. and the Carmelo thing made me laugh haha

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