My (over)reaction to last night’s humiliation of the Indiana Pacers

So many times we’ve all heard that the team that wins the turnover battle wins the game and that proved true again last night.  8 steals and 18 forced turnovers for our guys.. nothing too special, but we only turned the ball over 7 times.  Thats pretty f’in good, probably our best number of the season (and definitely our best game).  Call it a fluke if you want (it was), but we absolutely dominated from start to finish.

Paul George didn’t have a single field goal the entire game.  This really might be the last time that happens.. ever.  All the credit in the world to MKG/CDR.. these guys got hammered the past few games working to cover the likes of Durant and Lebron but they were both terrific tonight.  Not a man on earth that could have predicted this kind of play out of The Kidd.  Small forward is no doubt our weakest spot on the floor, but if we could get even half the defensive production we had tonight from these two we could make some noise in the conference.

Vegas had Indiana as a 5.5 pt favorite and I’d venture to say that almost all the money bet on the game was in favor of the Pacers.  But we spanked em.  Not a B-ball team on the planet that could’ve beat us last night.

The box score makes it clear that this was a fluke, but Big Al’s performance was the furthest thing from it.  The dude dropped 34 on Hibbert (might be the only time that’s happened this season) and that’s with going to the line only once.  Pretttty impressive.  We couldn’t lose even if we tried.  Shots were falling, Al & Kemba were balling per normal, and the usual suspects stepped up and played like they actually belong in the lineup (Referring to MKG/Zeller).

This is only the third game we’ve won by 20+ so it’s hard to believe this was one of em when you consider the pacers have the highest positive point-differential in the league (+8).  Even harder to believe when you take into consideration the facts that we just gave up 60 to Lebron and were on the road against three of the four best teams in the league only to arrive home to host the team w/ the best record in the league.

Hendo was out, Al Jefferson was on.  And when I say on I mean he was about to set the place on fire he was so hot.  NBA, take notice, the lowly Bobcats are moving up the ranks.

Are we becoming that sneaky team you don’t want to face in the East?  

Big Al is working miracles right now

Big Al is working miracles right now


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