Bobcats roll, Big Al continues his reign of terror

All is well in Bobcatland. 6th straight home win and 6-4 over the last 10.  We are officially streaking.  We kick Gordon’s sorry ass to the curb and the team surges. It’s called karma, Ben, you whiny _____.  I’ll let everyone else fill it in for themselves.  And say it outloud, it feels good I promise.

Annyway..  Can anyone stop Al Jefferson?  Double teams all night and still just puts up numbers.  A couple times when he touched the ball I swear they had 6 guys guarding him and he still found a way.  28 on 12/18 not bad.. throw in 7 boards and 3 blocks and we’re looking at another game-takeover type performance from the big boy.  All hail Big Al.

The man should be anointed a Bobcats saint

The man should be anointed a Bobcats saint

The good: Don’t sleep on our D.. in that 4th quarter it felt like we were applying heavy pressure and forcing turnovers on every Cavs possession.  That was not there last year.  As much as I liked Mike Dunlop as a person I can finally agree that Clifford is a better coach.

And the the not so good:  At one point in the 3rd quarter after MKG launched one of his sidewinder fall-away jumpers (I don’t need to add that he missed), Steve Martin made a remark that, “His last two shots have looked okay”…  Might as well have just said the guy sucks at shooting.  I think it’s time we come out of the closet with the bust talk on MKG.  I don’t want to call him a bust because he’s still got a place in the league, but he has no talent on offense.  No talent.  To start the year it looked as if he was making progress, but as soon as he got hurt it was over.  He’s regressed since last season.  Best case scenario: he’s still hurt and playing through the pain, plus he’s young and has room to develop into a starting-caliber forward.  Worst case:  just not the guy we thought we were drafting, can’t shoot, lacks control on offense and defense, and probably a defensive replacement at best.  I guess we’ll have to wait ‘til free agency to see how Cho and MJ feel about him, but I’m all in on this just not being the guy at the 3.  At this point, if you take away the torn achilles, I’m calling Jeff Taylor the better player.  Plus his girl just might be the hottest female in the state of NC.

Tonight’s heterosexual pat on the butt goes to:  Cody Zeller.  Can I just say thank god he’s finally decided to play.  Still looks uncomfortable away from the basket but since the All-Star break he’s been a serviceable backup.  Hopefully our days of watching him catch the ball 20 feet from the hoop, nervously stutter step and indecisively shooting are over.  All we need out of this kid are 10 solid minutes a game and we become a better team.

Our next 6 games are cake.  Check the schedule below..  If we’re gonna take the 6-seed we gotta win 4 of em.

Time to feast on the weak

Time to feast on the weak


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