About Me

Michael is a diehard sports fan and a huge loser.  An underachiever at heart, Michael graduated from a 2nd-tier school with a gpa below 3.0.  He was raised in Charlotte, NC and clearly lacks sense or understanding of most issues.  When discussing politics, he will often listen to your opinion and take the opposite side of the argument just to piss you off.  Or he might tell you that you’re retarded.  Also, I’m pretty sarcastic and I don’t take myself seriously.

In all seriousness I just like to talk about sports and this was suggested to me so that’s how I got here.  I blog about all things Charlotte sports because that’s where I’m from.  If you don’t like it, don’t read it.  And if you disagree with something let me know, I’ll b.s. with you about sports for days.



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